BC Fishing Info

The amazing thing about freshwater fishing in British Columbia is the vast number of productive, easily accessible waters available to anglers of all persuasions. Even residents of large cities like Vancouver and surrounding communities, Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops and Prince George enjoy excellent fishing opportunities virtually right at their doorsteps.

For a child just beginning or well-equipped anglers with years of experience, the trophy-sized fish await. Whatever the level of expertise and whatever the expectations, BC offers something for everyone.

Consistent productivity of lakes and rivers throughout the province is credited to a combination of geography, water quality and food abundance.

Many small lakes are well-stocked with suitable trout for family outings, while others are designated as quality lakes where trophy-sized fish can be caught. Quality lakes have different restrictions on the number or size of fish which may be kept, and the types of tackle or bait permitted. For more information, check out our BC Fishing Regulations.

Guided float trips are an option on many of the larger rivers, some of which flow through urban areas, and remote wilderness settings.

Experienced fishing guides on rivers like the Cowichan and Gold on Vancouver Island, use rowed drift boats to ferry anglers through productive waters that would be difficult, if not impossible, to reach on foot.

On big rivers like the Fraser and Skeena, guides favour large, sturdy boats of welded aluminium, driven by powerful outboard motors.

Although some fishing is done directly from the boats, more often they are beached or anchored at suitable locations where anglers may fish from shore.