Fishing Adventures

Steelhead Fishing

Most anglers agree that the ultimate river fishing experience is fly fishing for steelhead trout in BC. Steelhead are great fighters combining long powerful runs and majestic leaps in their attempts to break off from the angler. These fly fishing experiences with our member lodges…. Read More

Salmon Fishing

Whether you want to fly-fish, walk and wade, drift or go backtrolling, spoon fishing or cast and retrieve, freshwater salmon fishing in British Columbia ranks with the best in the world. With sizes ranging from 3 to 90 pounds and runs to be found throughout the year, make your…. Read More

Fishing Getaways

Plan your next ‘getaway’ with one of our members and experience the camaraderie and good times that can only come from connecting with friends on a fishing trip to one of British Columbia’s many lakes and rivers. There are more than 25,000 lakes and tens of thousands of miles of rivers and streams here. Imagine a day on the lake…. Read More

Family Fishing Vacations

A family vacation at the lake with one of our members provides the perfect setting for strengthening family ties and making cherished memories. See their pride and joy when a fish is on the line, share what’s important over a campfire at night, slow everything down and just have fun. Check out our members’ family fishing getaways…. Read more

River Fly Fishing

It’s just you, the river and the fiendishly clever fish. Feel the river current, study the water, find the right pool or shelf, indulge your passion – British Columbia offers world class dry or wet fly fishing on hundreds of rivers. Anglers come from across the globe to experience our members’ river fly fishing and to learn from our expert guides…. Read more