Sturgeon Fishing


Sturgeon Fishing in British Columbia, Canada is recognized internationally as an incredible sport fishery. British Columbia’s Fraser River is not only the biggest salmon-producing river found anywhere, but it’s also one of the top sturgeon fishing destinations in the world. There is a large and increasing population of sturgeon present in the Fraser River and its tributaries, and they attain an incredible size.

Sturgeon in the Fraser River can exceed lengths of 12 ft and can weigh more than 1,000lbs, however, the average size is 2-6 feet in length, with many bigger fish up to 8+ feet available.
Trophy 10+foot sturgeon are not as common but they do get hooked each year.

Sturgeon have an immense amount of power and speed, and are capable of peeling 200yds of line off the spool in seconds. They will often launch their massive bodies out of the water in an attempt to throw the hook. The experience of landing one of these massive beasts is not to be missed by any angler.